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Our clients are average parents with children in school.  These parents notice that their child is having difficulties completing their homework or the school is saying theiild is elow grade level.  The first step is the parents consult the school and somtimes they receive help and other times they do not.  When they receive no help or question they help they are receiving then they come to The Lucas Center.  We provide education to the parents about their child's educational rights and we provide parents support in obtaining these rights.

Our clents are also parents whose child has an IEP or 504 plan, but the parents still see their child struggling in school.  They feel their child needs more support but the school says no.  Again we provide the parents with the facts about their child's rights and support the parents in getting more help.

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the American with Disabilities Act of 1991 both ensure that a child will not be denied an education due to a disability or health impairment.  The laws require that the schools provide accomodation to a child with a learning disability or health impairment.  In fact, if a child has an IEP, the school district may be required to pay for the accommodation even if that means a private school.

Other clients might be children who the school feels might have ADHD or iss having other behavioral/emotional problems at school.  Dr. Michael Rubino can assess these children and advise parents about what to do.

NEVER PAY FOR AN INDEPENDENT ASSESSMENT OF YOUR CHILD.   Schools re no longer allowed to test for ADHD, so there is no problem paying for that testing.  All other testing the school district has the legal right to test a child first.  Therefore, if you pay for a private assessment to determine if your child has a learning disability and the results say yes, the school can ignore the testing because they did not test first.

Our clients also include children in private school.  Even though your child attends a private school, you still pay taxes.  Therefore, the public school districts are required by law to provide assistance to children in private schools.  We can help parents in private schools arrange to get assistance for their child. 

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Samantha Jones, Project Manager

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