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The Lucas Center's Services

At The Lucas Center we provide pasrents with accurate information regarding IEPS and 504 plans.  This way you can make the best decision for your child.

One option is you can go over your child's situation and test scores with one of our staff members.  We can then based on our experience tell you what we would recommend for your child.

If you are having difficulties getting your child's school to evaluate your child.  We can help you get the IEP process started so the school does evaluate your child.  Also if you are feeling overwhelemed by your child's school, one of us can attend the IEP meetings with and advocate for the best interest of your child.

If you attend an IEP meeting on your own and have doubts regarding the school's proposal, do not sign the IEP.  Schedule an appointment with our office and we will review and discuss the proposal and give you our recommendation.

if youy need to have your child assessed for ADHD, call our office for an appointment.  Dr. Michael Rubino, who has over 19 years experiencd working with children as a psychotherapist, can assess your child for ADHD.

If your child goes to a private school but you feel they need an IEP, call our office.  The Public School system still has to provide services to your child too.  We will help with that process.

If you notice your child looking depressed or axious, call our office.  Many times children who are experiencing difficulties at school can develop low self-esteem or anxiety.  Dr. Michael Rubino, a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, can assess your child and inform you if they would benefit from therapy or not.

At any time, if you feel your child is not receiving the educational services that they are entitled to, please call us.  We will review your child's situation and provide you with a non-biased opinion if your child needs additional services orf if their current plan is appropriate.

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